3 Tips For Being Injured As A Salesman

Going door to door for sales is coming back in. Many people order items online, even items that are in the same city. If you are a new delivery person or door to door sales person, you may find that your job is very similar to the door to door salespersons of the past. One of the things that have not changed, despite the electronics, is the job risk. There is still the chance of being hurt while on someone's property. Here are three things that you should do to keep safe as a door to door salesperson. 

1. Document what happened from step to step

If you are delivering items to someone's home that they have ordered online or on an application, there is a good chance that the application will know when you arrived. After the arrival, you will need to document what happened while at the home. Since you will have a phone on you, take photographs of yourself and speak with the customer about your injury. That way you will both be able to document what happened when asked by an insurance company. 

2. Find out who is responsible for the payment

While you are working for certain delivery companies, they will cover your expenses. The first call that you need to make is to your personal injury attorney. They can go over your contract with the company that you work for and let you know who will be responsible for your medical bills and any time off payments. If the homeowner whose property you were hurt on is responsible, your personal injury attorney may have to go through litigation with the homeowner's insurance company to get you the proper payout. 

3. Prove that you followed instructions

At times, there will be delivery instructions on where to leave an item or how to enter the home. If you did not follow instructions, the homeowner or your company might refuse to pay out on your claim. If you are instructed to leave an item in a place, develop a habit of taking photographs showing that you followed instructions. 

You can also call the person who ordered the item to verify the instructions to make sure you understand them. Proof that you followed instructions means that your personal injury claim should be fulfilled. If the property seems unsafe in any way, call the homeowner or your company before proceeding on with the delivery. 

For more information, contact your local personal injury lawyer.