Deeper In Debt? 4 Tips To Help You Prepare For Bankruptcy

If your debt has spiraled out of control, and there is no end in sight, it might be time to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will get you out from under stifling debt and give you room to breathe. Here are four tips that will help you prepare for the process. 1. Know What You Owe Before you file for bankruptcy, make sure you know exactly what you owe. Once you file the paperwork, you'll have a hard time adding new information to the list of creditors. Read More 

Understanding Bankruptcy Discharges

The world of finance can be complicated and many people find themselves in hot water with their bills without even knowing how it happened. While bankruptcy can present a fairly easy solution for some who have no choice, it can impact your life in a few unexpected ways. One of those is that some debts you may assume would be "forgiven" with a bankruptcy are not. Bankruptcy is a major legal action and knowing what it can and cannot do for your financial situation is vital. Read More 

3 Tips For Being Injured As A Salesman

Going door to door for sales is coming back in. Many people order items online, even items that are in the same city. If you are a new delivery person or door to door sales person, you may find that your job is very similar to the door to door salespersons of the past. One of the things that have not changed, despite the electronics, is the job risk. There is still the chance of being hurt while on someone's property. Read More 

Options Your Small Business Has When It Cannot Pay The Bills

As the owner of a small business, you may be in charge of everything, including paying the bills. Not only is running a small business time consuming, but it can also be difficult to manage if you do not have sufficient cash flow. When you start experiencing cash flow problems, you might start finding it hard to pay your loan payments. If you have a small business loan and cannot make the payments on it, you should seek advice and help from a business loan lawyer. Read More 

How To Prevent A Home With Too Much Equity From Being Seized During Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a fairly solid way of getting relief from your debts, but that benefit comes with a cost. The trustee in your case will take any non-exempt assets, sell them, and distribute the funds to your creditors. This includes any unprotected equity in your home. If your home equity balance exceeds the exemptions the law provides you, you may be forced to sell your home so the trustee can get that money. Read More